Denizbank made a “Special” announcement to its customers! You can easily apply until October 10.

Denizbankwhich it has launched for its own bank customers, personal finance credit announced that it will deposit consumer loans into their accounts within the specified conditions for all citizens who will apply for consumer loans until October 10 in the campaign. Denizbank official website After the announcement made on the website, consumer loans will be provided quickly for all citizens who want to get loans by making their applications, and these approved loans will be deposited into your accounts and you will be able to use them within the same day.

In the announcements made on the official website of Denizbank, the campaigns made by certain citizens who will use consumer loans, via their mobile phones. Consumer loan by sending an SMS reported that it could be. If you want to get a consumer loan by sending an SMS via your mobile phone, you will be able to do your transactions quickly without going to the branches to complete your application.

Write my credit, leave a space, write your TR ID number, leave a space, and write your date of birth as day month year and send this message to: 3280, and you will have applied for a consumer loan. In these campaigns, which will be made for citizens who will apply for consumer loans via SMS via your mobile phone, it is one of the conditions required by the bank that the citizens who will use cash loans, especially the bank credit score of 1400 and above. People who will use a cash loan can apply for loans together without going to the bank branches if they have Denizbank accounts, and through internet banking applications if they are customers from the bank, and Denizbank via Denizbank mobile applications.

Denizbank has also published that it will give loans to citizens who have accounts in their own bank with lower interest rates!

Retired Citizens who receive their salary from their own bank branches will be able to get low-interest loans by participating in these loan campaigns initiated by Denizbank, in case they need cash. While you will benefit from 36-month general purpose loans for loans up to 50000 TL, you will be able to use debt settlement loans for all loans over 50000 TL, and you will be able to create only 24-month deferred payments, Tal, DUS.