Deniz Seki’s photos became an event


Sea Sekigave a concert in Manisa the other day. Seki shared the photos of the night attended by thousands of people with his followers on his Instagram page.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Images from the concert soon Manisa MunicipalityHe also posted it on his official Twitter account.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

The difference between Deniz Seki’s photographs was remarkable.

It has been claimed that Deniz Seki, who said that she had fallen into a size 36, had played with her photographs before, and the famous singer said “I never use photoshop”.



Celebrities’ passion for photoshop knows no bounds… Some interfere with their photos with small touches, while others miss the setting of photoshop. Here are the photoshop games of celebrities that do not go unnoticed…

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

‘It’s not 75, it’s like 25 years old’

Ajda Pekkan took the stage in Bodrum-Yalıkavak after the pandemic. In the photo of Süperstar, which was served to the press, the photoshop made on his face drew attention. Comments were made on social media that he was “25 years old, not 75”.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Ajda Pekkan said ‘hello’ to summer in Bodrum. Standing out with her panther-patterned dress, Pekkan said, “We are together again after a long time, I feel much better when I meet you and sing songs together.”

In the photo of Pekkan, which was served to the press, the photoshop made on his face attracted attention. Social media users made comments such as ‘If a little more shop is built, she will return to her childhood’, ‘Even Ms. Ajda’s youth years are not this good’, ‘It’s not 75, it’s as if she is 25’.


What happened to the lips?

Singer Reyhan Karaca’s lips were bent when she exaggerated photoshop in the photo she shared on her Instagram page.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Karaca, who deleted his post shortly after, could not escape his followers…

Seren exaggerated the filter!

Seren Serengil was in front of the lens for the catalog shoots of the swimwear brand bearing her name. The filters applied by Serengil, who shared the photos from the shootings on her page, did not go unnoticed.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

The response to the photoshop allegations from Seren Serengil was not delayed:

“Even though the ropes cut my legs, I was able to complete my shooting at 38 degrees for the love of my collection. Some said that I was photoshop, I am sharing this video as a cover. I am in the period of my life where I feel the most beautiful. I thank those who do not believe. I am happy unless they believe. It means I am unbelievably beautiful”


Slim-line Naz!

Naz Elmas shared a photo in the story section of her social media account. The beautiful actress posing in front of the cacti applied to the photoshop application.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Trying to thin the waist area, Elmas fell into the language of his followers when he missed the setting too much. The beautiful actress, who immediately deleted her photo, had previously shared similar posts. It was a matter of curiosity whether Elmas shared it for a joke!

This makes me sad!

Attracting attention with her fit body, Çağla Şıkel, a 42-year-old mother of 2 children, responded to the comments on the photo she shared on her Instagram page.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Şikel, who made a ‘photoshop’ comment for the muscles in his legs, made a new post with the text “I regret that there are people who think that my leg muscles are a shop”.


I’m pretty even when I’m fat

Photos of Instagram phenomenon Duygu Özaslan while enjoying the pool last year became an event on social media.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Özaslan replied to his critics with the words “Even my overweight state is better than all of you”.

Helin got taller

For a while diet The photo shared by Helin Avşar, who practices sports and exercises regularly, on her Instagram page, divided social media users into two.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Some users said to Helin Avşar, “You’re too thin, gain weight”, while others commented that “you exaggerated photoshop”. The lengthening of Helin Avşar did not go unnoticed either…


Liked to Özge Ulusoy

The singer, who has been on the agenda with his private life lately, eventadded new ones to the poses he shared on his social media account.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Hadise’s resemblance to model Özge Ulusoy in her last photo did not escape attention.

Sister is it really you?

Safiye Soyman applied such a photoshop to her photo taken at an invitation that those who saw it could not recognize it.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

For the photo she uploaded to her page, her followers asked, “Are you really sister, who is this?” she asked. Soyman replied, “My ayol”.

What a longing!

Demet Akalın shared a picture taken at the wedding of Merve Özbey-Kenan Koçak couple from her social media account.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

Akalın, who was seen to have thinned his waist with photoshop and twisted his arm, fell into the language of social media users. Demet Akalın made a statement from her social media account after the photo, which was on the agenda. Acknowledging that his photo was manipulated, the famous singer said, ‘Ozlem, let me fix it’. When I say ‘stop sister, never mind! Your hand!!! What’s this!’ she shared her message.

Too much leg extension

Ebru Şallı shared her swimsuit photos with her followers on her Instagram page.

Deniz Seki's photos became an event

In Şallı’s photographs, her thinned waist and elongated legs did not escape attention. His followers commented “The leg extension is too much” under the photos.


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