Demonstrations resumed in Iran – World News


IranianThe 22-year-old was detained in Tehran, the capital of Turkey, on September 13. Mahsa AminiThe protests, which started after the death of . At the call of the Iranian Student Union Board, demonstrations were held today demanding the release of imprisoned students and the boycott of universities. In Iran’s Kurdistan province, tradesmen went on strike and closed the shutters.

In the images shared on social media, university students in the capital Tehran, especially in Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman, Kereç and Tabriz, participated in the calls for action and the government protest they were seen. Students and university officials were asked to support the demonstrations during the protests where anti-regime slogans were shouted. In the demonstrations that started on the campus of Tehran University, there was a clash between the security forces and the activists, while the students continued their demonstrations outside the university.


While shouting the slogans “Down with the dictator” in the street demonstrations that started again in the capital Tehran, the security forces intervened the demonstrators with tear gas.


Mahsa Amini, who was taken to hospital after being detained by Irshad patrols, known as the morality police, on September 13 in Tehran, died on September 16. The demonstrations that started after Amini’s funeral in her hometown of Sakkız on September 17, spread throughout the country. In a statement regarding Mahsa Amini’s death, the Tehran Police Department stated that Amini was detained because of an unsuitable headscarf, and then she fainted at the police station without any physical contact.

Iranian state television announced that at least 41 people, including police officers and members of the Besic militia of the Revolutionary Guards, lost their lives in protests across the country.