Decision made regarding Prince Harry: You can’t even kneel before us!


First, he had a marriage that his family did not approve of. Then a circle of gossip around this marriage swept the country and then the world. They did not see; They made an extraordinary decision and made a desertion with their children and gave up their duties in the palace and their privileged lives. But the storm did not stop like that. Their lives in America, the things they said there, the interviews they gave were also talked about a lot. Every step they take Royal family angered its members, gradually eroding the public’s sympathy for them. First, they sold their life stories to a digital platform and made their own documentaries. Now they are on the agenda with the book written by the heartbroken prince.


The world could not get enough of talking about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, not just for days, but for weeks or even months. It will be released in a few days and will probably break sales records.spareIt would not be an exaggeration to say that the book ‘(The Reserve) is waiting to explode like a bomb dropped between the royal family in the heart of England. As the excerpts from the book started to be the subject of the newspapers, and Prince Harry was constantly on television shows and giving hints about what awaits us, all hell broke loose. Now that the whole book is in the hands of the people, preparations for what will happen have begun.

Prince Harry decision made: You can't even kneel before us

It turned out that he was beaten by his brother

In his book, Harry named his older brother Prince William as his archenemy and explained that he was physically abused by him. Let’s put it mildly: William beat up his brother Harry. The reason, of course, was his wife, Meghan Markle, who has always been shown as the source of all the problems experienced since the day she entered the family. This beating incident made a lot of noise. But the book covers countless events, from the words Charles said when Harry was born, the prince’s first sexual experience, his experiences while he was a soldier in Afghanistan, details about his genitals that actually don’t concern any of us, the fights and disagreements he had with his older brother and his wife, Kate Middleton.

Prince Harry decision made: You can't even kneel before us

Our resentful ‘reserve’ prince blames his older brother William and his wife, Kate, mainly for wearing a Nazi uniform at a young age, being cast aside, and racism directed against his wife. Of course, his father, King Charles, and his wife, Camilla, have also had their share of these accusations. Probably the name of the book to which the hate arrows are directed the least is this book and Queen II, the grandmothers of Harry and William, who are considered lucky to have died without seeing it. There is Elizabeth. We don’t know the whole book yet, though, and perhaps Elizabeth is among the names Harry blames for his own suffering. However, the general opinion is that Harry did not dare to do so.


There are also many who say that Elizabeth, who died in September of 2022, would die of sadness if she saw these events. The people of England are actually glad that their beloved queen is out of this situation. It is said that there is a hectic preparation at Buckingham and Kensington Palaces at this time. Royal sources claimed that the palace and high-ranking members of the royal family were working hard and setting up a war room for the book’s release. In other words, we are talking about a room similar to the one set up by the top politicians and military wing of the warring countries to determine strategy. In this place, which will be a real war room and the center where this war will be waged, it is expected that the royal will determine what kind of measures they will take against what happened and what kind of response will be given.

Prince Harry decision made: You can't even kneel before us


For now, there are two resolutions coming out of this war room. The first of these decisions is that no royal member makes a statement on this issue, as in the Harry & Meghan documentary. He says that Prince William, the heir to the throne, of whom numerous allegations have been made about sources close to the palace, is in a frenzy. It is said that the royal family discussed this situation at Sandringham Mansion, where they gathered to celebrate their first Christmas without Queen Elizabeth, and their fun was overshadowed. In any case, the only concern of the royal family is this book. There are talk shows that Prince Harry will attend next. “60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper” on CBS, “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, “Good Morning America” and an exclusive interview for British channel ITV are also waiting in line. The position to be taken in case Harry has new revelations about his book in these programs or about the family is already planned like a chess match.

Prince Harry decision made: You can't even kneel before us


Incoming information is that Prince William will never break his silence. A close friend of both brothers whispered to the newspapers, “William will not, never will, retaliate because he is honorable and incredibly loyal. William is like a still target on a target. So Harry actually knows that his brother can’t retaliate against him. He knows, like everyone else, that William, the heir to the throne, would never utter such words. So how many times can you try to hit a target that is on the target board and cannot defend itself?”

The general consensus in England is “It is cruel, cowardly and very sad that William continues to get these punches. He remains silent for the sake of his family and the country.” towards. Looks like Harry will continue to bombard, and the family will not comment. After all, there are many examples in the past that such statements made everything even more troublesome. In such cases, the family no longer goes beyond the practice of Queen Elizabeth’s motto acquired years ago. This tradition, which is summarized as “Never complain, never explain” King Charles It is also known that it was applied to the letter.

Prince Harry decision made: You can't even kneel before us

It is already revealed with the bomb book that this is one of the possible reasons for Harry’s anger. It is said that the little prince was waiting for his father to explain the situation of his wife Meghan, waiting for Charles to apologize by accepting the racism in the royal, but this never happened.


The second decision taken by the royal family is expected to take place in May, King III. It was learned that Charles was involved in the coronation ceremony. Harry and Meghan had already been sacked from royal duties since they moved to America and put the family in a difficult position. Things got even more complicated after Elizabeth’s death. It was initially thought that Charles would invite his young son Harry and his daughter-in-law Meghan to the ceremony no matter what. After his mother’s death, when he became king and gave his first speech, he extended an olive branch to his son and daughter-in-law, wishing them success and happiness in their new lives that they started far away. Now this peaceful atmosphere has disappeared.

Prince Harry decision made: You can't even kneel before us

It is thought that Harry and Meghan will allow them to attend the coronation if they wish. However, the couple will face a different situation if they come. Normally, while Charles is crowned, these princes, who are also his sons, the next heirs to the throne, kneel down and swear allegiance to their father and king. For centuries, this has been considered one of the most important ceremonies of coronation ceremonies. But Charles is planning a change in the coronation that awaits us.

Prince Harry decision made: You can't even kneel before us


Allegedly, Prince Harry will stand aside at his father’s coronation and will be content to watch the ceremony like an ordinary guest. It was already rumored that his father had forbidden Harry from kneeling and swearing allegiance at the ceremony. It is also a mystery whether Harry and Meghan will return to England after all this and attend the ceremony. No one knows when this fight and confusion will end. Everyone is now fed up with this ‘game of thrones’, but they continue to succumb to their curiosity. I guess it’s up to us to wait for new scandals…