Daughter of ex-President Rafsanjani was also detained in Iran

WALL – Rebellion is spreading in waves in Iran, where 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was detained on the grounds of ‘not obeying the headscarf rules’, was tortured to death.

While the protests in which the police killed dozens of people continued in many cities, former President Rafsanjani’s daughter, women’s rights defender Faize Hashemi was also detained.

According to the news that AA based on Iran’s semi-official news agency Tesnim, Hashemi was detained by a security agency on the grounds that he “encouraged the demonstrators to street protests”.

Hashimi, who previously served in the Islamic Shura Assembly as a Tehran deputy, was briefly arrested for “acting against the security of the country” during the events that broke out after the controversial presidential elections in 2009.

Faize Hashemi, in a speech on the social media platform “Clubhouse” after Mahsa Emini’s death on September 17, said that “Iran’s treatment of prisoners is worse than Israel.”

Hashemi, who has come to the fore with harsh criticism and accusations against the country’s government in recent years, said in a speech he made at a conference held at the University of Zanjan in 2017, “Just as I opposed the prohibition of the headscarf during the Shah’s reign, I am also against it being compulsory at the moment.” (NEWS CENTER)