Daily spending 10 million lira

As millions of wage workers struggle with inflation PresidencySpending continued to increase exponentially. SAIAccording to the data in the ‘s 2020 audit report; The total expenditure of the Presidency, which was 2.8 billion liras in 2020, rose to 3.7 billion liras.

’10 million lira was spent per day’

The daily expenditure of the Presidency, which was approximately 8 million liras in 2020, increased by 2 million liras to approximately 10 million lira reached. Presidency in 2020 314 million 560 thousand 579 liras personnel expenditure, approx. 54 million pounds on the rise 368 million 773 thousand 241 to lira.

According to the 2021 audit report of the Court of Accounts, the Presidency’s ‘medical and laboratory equipment’ spending more than doubled compared to 2020. It rose from 51.8 million liras to 112.9 million liras. The expenditure made in the “agricultural materials” item increased by approximately 5 times compared to the expenditure made in 2021 and reached 46.3 million liras.

2.8 million lira beverage expenditure

Presidency’sdrink” in expenditure compared to the previous year, approximately 1 million pounds increase was observed. While 1.8 million lira was spent on “beverage” in 2020, this expenditure increased to 2.8 million lira in 2021. Presidency of 2021 “Representation and promotion expenses”, on the other hand, reached 41.4 million liras, with an increase of approximately 8 million liras compared to 2020.

of the Presidency, which is 8.4 million lira in 2020.runners” expense in about 2021 to 11.4 million liras; 1.2 billion lira in 2020 “duty expense” It increased to 1.7 billion liras in 2021 with an increase of approximately 500 million liras.

5 times increase in agricultural material expenditure

The increase in the expenditure on “agricultural materials” in the Presidency drew attention. Agricultural materials expenditure, which was 9.7 million TL in 2020, will be approximately 9.7 million TL in 2021. increased fivefold to 46.3 million liras. reached.