Current account deficit is 4 billion dollars in July

current account balance, $4 billion deficit in July gave. Growing energy The current account deficit was expected to reach $3.6 billion as prices led to sharp growth in the trade deficit.

7-month current account deficit of 36.7 billion dollars While, as of July 12-month current account deficit of 36.6 billion dollarsa came out.

In July $5.5 billion inflow of money of uncertain origin it happened. In the net errors and omissions item, there is a surplus of 24.35 billion dollars in the January-July period.

Meanwhile, the current account deficit for June was revised from 3 billion 458 million dollars to 3 billion 492 million dollars.

According to CBRT data; The current account deficit increased by 3 billion 700 million dollars compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 4 billion 10 million dollars. As a result, the twelve-month current account deficit rose to 36 billion 585 million dollars.

According to the Central Bank’s assessment; The foreign trade deficit defined in the balance of payments increased by 6 billion 162 million dollars compared to the same month of the previous year and rose to 9 billion 308 million dollars. On the other hand, in the same period, inflows from services balance increased by 2 billion 268 million dollars and rose to 5 billion 778 million dollars, while outflows from primary income balance decreased by 181 million dollars to 559 million dollars.

Core deficit gave a surplus of 3.7 billion dollars

While the current account, excluding gold and energy, gave a surplus of 3 billion 124 million dollars in the same month of the previous year, it gave a surplus of 3 billion 737 million dollars in July 2022.

Under the services balance, net revenues arising from the travel item increased by 1 billion 578 million dollars compared to the same month of the previous year and rose to 4 billion 90 million dollars.

The secondary income balance item, which recorded a net inflow of $66 million in the same month of the previous year, recorded a net inflow of $79 million this month.

Net outflow of 631 million dollars in portfolio investments

Net inflows from direct investments were $252 million. Portfolio investments showed a net outflow of $631 million. Analyzing by sub-items, it is seen that non-residents made net sales of $222 million and $173 million, respectively, in the stock and government domestic debt securities markets.

Regarding bond issuances abroad, banks made a net repayment of 13 million dollars.

Under other investments, effective and deposit assets of domestic banks in foreign correspondents increased by $983 million.

Domestic deposits of foreign banks showed a net increase of 698 million dollars, of which 411 million dollars in foreign currency and 287 million dollars in Turkish lira.

Regarding the loans obtained from abroad, banks realized a net repayment of 801 million dollars and other sectors realized a net use of 3 billion 525 million dollars.

Official reserves showed a net increase of 4 billion 423 million dollars in July.

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