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Cryptocurrencies, which first emerged in 2009 with the creation of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto, became the agenda all over the world in the following years.
With the newly added cryptocurrencies, millions of people have pinned their hopes on this new system.
While some of them transferred their investments to cryptocurrencies, others started mining cryptocurrencies.
Computers using advanced processors and graphics cards began to “scrape” cryptocurrencies.
However, the problems experienced in the world economy with the coronavirus (covid-19) epidemic also hit the crypto money market.
While the crypto money market, which has fallen seriously after the epidemic, still cannot recover at the desired level, those who offer this technology are constantly improving their systems.
Those who “mined” some cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, also suffered greatly in this process.


After both the increase in electricity prices in our country and the updating of the technologies of cryptocurrencies, the systems in the hands of the mining people became unusable.
With great hopes, the systems are now offered for sale on the internet, especially on the yellow site, by paying a serious price for cryptocurrency mining.


SakaryaThere are also some allegations related to this development in Kaynarca district of Turkey.

*System installed in a flat in Kaynarca
In the period when crypto currency mining was profitable, a group that installed about 60 of the systems between 250 thousand liras and 400 thousand liras, and finally Ethereum switched to new technology on September 15th. 2022 It is stated that they have not been able to excavate since the date of the excavations and they faced a serious economic burden.
Cryptocurrency mining systems installed in some of the rented apartments in Kaynarca were put up for sale on the internet at no cost.
There is a lot of talk about people who have invested millions of liras for cryptocurrency mining in the district, trying to sell these systems for almost 1/10 of the price they set up.