Criticism of the tournament from Ergin Ataman: ‘Conditions are very bad’

A National Basketball Team completed the preparations for the match to be played against Bulgaria on Saturday, September 3, in the 2022 European Championship Group A.

In the training held in Tbilisi Arena, where Group A matches were played under the management of head coach Ergin Ataman, the nationals did tactical and shooting exercises.

Ergin Ataman, who made a statement to the members of the press after the training, reminded that they started the championship with the victory of Montenegro, “It was very important to win the match on a day when we played badly. Likewise, when you look at the tournament, there can be surprise results. Here yesterday, Belgium beat the host Georgia. In our cross group, Germany was the best in the championship. “He beat one of his big favorites, France. It’s very important for him to start with a win.” he said.

Ergin Ataman, explaining that they were critical of the Montenegro match with the players today, said, “Our goal is big, we need to minimize our mistakes for this. I want to see my team play well. I want to see more fluid in both offense and defense. It may also be the excitement of the first day of the tournament. A little concentration. There may also be a lack of it. The atmosphere is very bad here. There are no spectators except for the Georgia match. Despite this, we started with a win. Tomorrow’s match will be very important again.” used the phrases.

The experienced head coach answered the question about the prominent players in Bulgaria, Aleksandar Vezenkov and Dee Bost:

“On paper, we shouldn’t consider teams as weak or strong. Vezenkov, whom we know well in the Bulgarian team, is a very high quality player. He is in the best 5 of the season in the Europa League. Dee Bost has played a great game in Galatasaray this season. “These are the most important players, but Bulgaria is a team that has good outside shots and will always pose a danger when you keep the defense soft. We will put our strength on the field and try to come back tomorrow for sure. We want to pocket at least two wins. Tomorrow’s game against Bulgaria is the last to get out of the group.” It will be hugely important.”

Ergin Ataman stated that national player Furkan Korkmaz did not take part in the training due to a back spasm, and said, “Furkan has a back spasm. It started at noon yesterday. “There are extremely unfavorable conditions. We played Furkan with a needle yesterday, the doctors said that it would be better for him to stay at the hotel today. We left him at the hotel because the bus journey took too long. Otherwise, he would normally come here and watch the training. We will evaluate his situation tomorrow.” expressed an opinion.

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