Critical ‘normalization’ message from Syria to Turkey: Stop your actions in Syria

Turkey-Syria While the news of normalization in relations remains on the agenda, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdadfrom TurkeyAn interesting message has been received.

Mikdad, Turkey, Syriaaimed at “unfriendly” end his attitude and “support for radical groups” cessation of Syrian-Turkish relations, “you can go back to your old self” suggested.

Miqdad, “We are always ready to have good and normal relations with Turkey, but not by ignoring our national sovereignty interests, by turning off the water in northern Syria and by bombing people,” he said. said.

To Mikdad, Turkey “prerequisites” they did not impose “Stop its actions on Syrian territory” in order to normalize relations “natural demand” stated that.

Miqdad also “Any discussion should have a basis. So how can I come to an agreement with the occupier of my land when there is no solution from the other side to solve the problems?” he said.


Faisal Mikdad, Turkey, from Idlib “immediately and completely” withdrawal and the “to stop supporting groups” arguing that, “No matter how long the invasion of Turkey lasts, it will suffer the same fate as the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan” used the phrases.

Mikdad, Turkey’s current targeting of civilians in northern Syria “established new settlements” expressing that this is in the UN and international law “it is unacceptable” and one “war crime” claimed it was.

Mikdad, his country’s relations with Turkey in the past years “attempting to establish good relations” stating, “The relations between 2009 and 2010 were excellent and we made sacrifices to strengthen our relations, sometimes even taking steps that did not suit our interests” said.


Mikdad pointed out the starting points of the problem in relations with Turkey. “The problems between us started when Turkey intervened in Syria’s internal affairs and supported ISIS terrorists from all over the world who flocked to Syria through Turkish territory, killing its people and destroying our country’s infrastructure,” he said. said.

Mikdad also appealed to the displaced and migrating Syrians, “they return” called for.


Faisal Mikdad in his speech at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, “illegal” your military presence “unconditional” He said it should end.

Miqdad, “Any illegal military presence on Syrian territory is in violation of international law and the UN Charter and must cease immediately and unconditionally.” said.

Miqdad, Russia, Iran and Turkey took place between Astana Noting that they also support the negotiations, “Unfortunately, all assessments and results will remain on paper if Turkey continues to fail to comply with its obligations in Astana.” said.


in Miqdad, Syria USA in support YPG/PKKAddressing the terrorists of “Separatist militias, living under the influence of illusions woven by their sponsors, must stop trusting the foreign invader. Those who are not with their homeland have no homeland,” he said. used the phrases.

Miqdad also Israelterrorist organization of al-Qaeda and ISIS organizations such as “support” arguing that Israel is on Syrian territory “continues to carry out new attacks that threaten peace and security” told.