Critical decision on loans from the Central Bank. That requirement has been removed.

the central bank to banks compulsory insurance enacted a critical new regulation regarding its practices.

consumer loan agreements and housing finance agreements. “side financial product” Articles explaining insurance and credit insurance, which do not include products or services offered to consumers, were included under the heading.


Today, in which the relevant provisions are included in both regulations, Official newspaperAccording to the regulation published in , creditors; If a sample payment plan prepared according to the loan amount and maturity requested by the consumer and the insured and uninsured loan offers is presented, the sample payment plans of both offers are compared if the loan payments are equal. Instead of the sample payment plan, they have to provide information about the refund amount and the total refund amount.

Credit-linked insurance cannot be made without the express request of the consumer with a written or permanent data storage. If the consumer also offers a contract that does not include credit insurance, the lender may offer the consumer a credit contract that includes credit insurance.

The lender’s insurance, which is compatible with the loan amount and duration of the insurance company chosen by the consumer, must be accepted by the lender without causing any change in the loan conditions. Except for those related to credit, the purchase of ancillary products and services of the financial sector cannot be linked to a consumer loan agreement.

Arranging consumer loan agreements; The provisions of the amendment made in the section on the right to cancel the consumer loan agreement within 14 days without giving any reason and paying a fine are applied without notice if the entire loan debt is paid in advance. It is within the scope of the right of cancellation.