Cristiano Ronaldo cauldron is boiling! His mother announced his transfer plan, his brother exploded…

Hot developments about Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who could not show the expected performance, continue to be experienced. During the summer transfer window, there was a striking transfer news for Ronaldo, who was looking for a team to play in the Champions League in the new season, but could not get the offer he expected.


After Portugal lost to Spain and lost the play-off opportunity in the Nations League, the Portuguese heavily criticized Ronaldo on social media. The star football player could not turn two very clear opportunities into goals in the match against Spain. These reactions angered Ronaldo’s sister, Katia Aveiro.

Katia Aveiro, who shared a post on social media, “This does not surprise me at all. The Portuguese spit on their plate as usual. You are sick, soulless, ungrateful, stupid! As your family, we are always with you. You are the best in the world.” used the phrases.

On the other hand, Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, made a remarkable statement about the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Manchester United and the team he will go to.

Nova GentaSpeaking to , Dolores Aveiro said, “Ronaldo will return to Sporting but not now, not this year. He will return to Sporting next year or the next. I hope so. I said to him, ‘Son, before I die, I want to see you in Sporting jersey again’. If he doesn’t come, his son will come. This is destiny. Right now, he plays football better than his father at his age. Cristiano Jr told me he wants to live in Lisbon and want to play for Sporting. If his father continues to play and they both play together in Sporting, it will be a dream for me. “I think his father can play comfortably until he’s 40.” used the phrases.