Credit Opportunity from Ziraat Bank to Those with Low Credit Ratings! Loan Delayed by 6 Months

Ziraat Bank will give loans to people with low credit ratings. The loan will be offered with a 6-month deferral. People who want to participate in the loan campaign implemented by the bank will be able to get immediate approval. You can find the details about the subject in our news…

Ziraat Bank will provide consumer loans to people with low credit ratings. Those who want to use a loan through the bank will be able to get a loan if they meet certain conditions. The loan campaign, which was put into practice especially for people with low bank credit ratings, will be given to people who cannot get loans.

According to the statement made by the bank on its official website, it was stated that a loan of 10 thousand liras will be used in the loan campaign, and the interest rate will be 1.55. The maturity option for the loan to be applied is 36 months. Ziraat Bank, which is the most preferred public bank by the citizens, performs all its transactions securely. In addition, it offers low interest rates compared to other banks.

People who want to use consumer loans up to 10 thousand liras through the bank will be able to use loans even if their credit rating is low. If the person is retired or working, an insurance premium of at least 6 months must be paid. People with a low credit score will be able to apply for a consumer loan if they meet these conditions.

Ziraat Bank Loan Campaign Details…

People who want to get general purpose loans through Ziraat Bank will be able to take advantage of the 6-month postponement or 3-month postponement opportunities. In case of meeting the credit conditions highlighted through Ziraat Bank, an application can be made from the bank branches. Alternatively, you can apply through the bank’s official website. People who want to participate in the loan campaign can get approval immediately by applying. They can also immediately transfer the approved amount to their account.

People who have an account in the bank can benefit from low interest rates and use the loan free of charge by transferring them to their accounts via the bank’s mobile application. If you have a bank account, you can apply for a loan by logging in with your internet password. You can also apply for a loan or credit card at any time of the day.