Credit and debit cards expire in 2023. Islam Memis explained

“I can say that a year awaits us in which credit and debit cards will be history in the world.” Memiş said, “Are you ready for digital money?” The caption reads:

“We will be surprised by the most digital system changes in 2023.

Because it will be in our lives very quickly.

A process such as legal regulations for crypto money markets, the introduction of digital currencies by countries, the use of subcutaneous chips, and the complete transition of financial markets to digital are waiting for us.

Now, it is necessary to prepare for a year in which traditional habits will end and the digital age will be fully implemented.

In this process, the legal preparations of the accounting and finance pillars are also being prepared rapidly.

The digital currencies of the countries are ready and the test phase is successful.

The first payment in digital TL is successful.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) announced that the first payment transactions on the Digital Turkish Lira Network will be successfully carried out as part of the first phase of the Digital Turkish Lira Project.

The CBRT announced that it will continue its narrow-scope and closed-circuit pilot tests, which it conducts with technology stakeholders, in the first quarter of 2023.
I observe that the CBRT performs well in 2022.

It leaves behind a good year both in terms of digital TL, reserve increase, gold stock, and bank and market control.

Tests of digital dollars, yuan and other countries are also successful.

I think that another important factor underlying the central banks’ control of the market is these studies.

I can say that a year awaits us in which credit and debit ATM cards will be history in the world.

Especially those dealing with commerce should learn digital accounting processes in advance.

We will see that the old system will be history and the new system will be easier.

After digital currencies, we will start using digital wallets and three-dimensional digital exchanges.

Instead of going and testing the goods we are going to buy, we will be able to test and buy at any time we want with our families in three-dimensional salons.

Like auto galleries.

No need to go to the gallery anymore.

We will be tested in three-dimensional halls, and we will immediately meet with the customer representative and get information.

When the payment is made digitally instantly, our vehicle will be ready at our door.

Everything will be under control.

The system will digitize money and people.

Although this process may seem a bit fast and strange to us, our grandchildren will laugh when they see, hear or learn that we are carrying a bag of money.”