Crazy spending on transfer: $6.5 billion

Football clubs spent $6.5 billion on international transfers in 2022.

According to the report, prepared by making use of the FIFA International Transfer Matching System (ITMS), transfer expenditures made on a global scale throughout 2022 increased compared to the last two years when the effects of the pandemic were observed.

International transfer spending for professional men’s football, which was $6.5 billion in 2022, increased by 33.5 percent compared to 2021 ($4.86 billion).

$3.53 billion of the spending was for players aged 18-23. Almost 70 percent of transfers made for a fee were made for less than one million dollars.

Brazilians became the players who paid the most international transfer fees. Clubs paid $843.2 million for Brazilian players. French football players, who were paid 591.5 million dollars, took the second place in this field.

English clubs spent the most on transfers, while French clubs earned the most. English clubs spent $2.2 billion in international transfers, while French clubs earned $740.3 million.

Turkish clubs, which paid 116.4 million dollars by making 342 transfers internationally, received 118.6 million dollars by sending 332 football players.

Meanwhile, in 2022, a record 71 thousand 2 international transfers were made in professional and amateur men’s and women’s football.