Covered tank support from Germany to Greece

Opposition parties and coalition partners in Germany want German-made armored vehicles and tanks to be sent to Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Social Democratic Party Prime Minister and Minister of Defense says that not a single country has sent armored vehicles and tanks to Ukraine so far, and that Germany will act with other countries.

So far, the discussion of German domestic policy, but the “Social Democratic Formula” has turned into an equation that directly concerns Turkey.

Instead of sending German-made tanks to Ukraine, Berlin has come close to the formula of sending old Russian tanks from Greece to Ukraine and giving German tanks to Athens.

Tank shipments to Greece by Germany, which says “There is no embargo” to Turkey, imposes a disguised embargo and disrupts domestic tank work, is not an acceptable situation.

What is the reason for this favor to Greece when there are so many countries with ex-Soviet tanks in Europe?

In the last two centuries, there was no invasion movement from Anatolia against Greece, but there was an invasion movement from Greece to Anatolia, and it was Greece that staged a coup to make Cyprus a Greek island, which was decided to be independent and disconnected by international agreements. My advice to the German Ambassador to Ankara is to read what Archbishop Makarios said at the United Nations General Assembly on 17 July 1974. Meanwhile, despite all the efforts of Greece to prevent it, Makarios made that speech thanks to Turkey.

It was also Greece who called Turkey the attacker on Saturday and opened fire on the ship in Turkish territorial waters on the same day.

This covert military support to the expansionist Greece, which claims more rights than Turkey in the borderless Eastern Mediterranean, will open another problematic page in Ankara-Berlin relations.

If that’s what you want, go ahead, if not, don’t covertly aid expansionist Greece while you’re actually putting an embargo on us.

Government’s efforts should not be in vain.

Do you ever look at the classifieds for sale housing?

Housing rights made by TOKİ, which do not have an official right of sale, are transferred with a notary public sale.

The difference between the transfer fees and the value of the houses is not 50-60 thousand, but a difference of hundreds of thousands of liras.

These advertisements are valid for many places in Istanbul, Ankara, Kars and Çorum.

The state has now started a housing mobilization for 608 thousand liras, 2 plus 1 and 850 thousand liras, 3 plus housing for the lower income group, and has listed various conditions for being entitled.

In the future, it is necessary to take precautions in advance against the possibility that those who do not normally have the right to buy these houses will be included in the system.

If those who will be included in the system with the aim of making a profit can be prevented, the door will be opened to more real needy people.

For what crime will this imported mafia be tried?

There was a gunfight in a place with hundreds of people around, I read the reports, the wounds are always on the leg.

It would be a shame for Turkey if these guys were tried without injuring a man because they were shot from the waist down.

While preparing the indictment, the prosecutor’s office should also take into account that hundreds of people’s lives were endangered, and that guns were fired where the children were.

Let me be more clear, this imported mafia, both sides of the conflict must pay the price of putting people’s lives in danger, and never see the outside of the prison again.

There is an incident in Bosnia

It is hardly noticed in Turkey, and even 10% of the discussion of why Hadise’s wedding ring is not on her finger is not talked about, but the West’s policy of confusing Bosnia and Herzegovina continues.

Bosnia and Herzegovina High Representative German Christian Schmidt’s imposition of an Election Law that will tear the country apart remains in the air for now. Obviously, the law that President Erdogan has reacted to in Bosnia will not be implemented in the elections. But the news points to the post-election chaos.

It is said that because of the path opened by Schmidt, who tried to play with the election law with the desire of the Croatian nationalists, the Croats discussed withdrawing from the country’s administration after the election, and that they would make the Federation virtually inoperable, especially by recruiting the army.

Such a development will have consequences that will affect not only the Balkans but the whole world.

In order not to say how did we come to this point after two months, it is necessary to carefully monitor the workbench set up there.


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