Countries are competing for a long vacation for 21 euros a day

After Russia closed the natural gas valves against EU sanctions, measures were taken to avoid being out in the cold during the winter months in all parts of Europe, especially the retirees. Among the measures is to spend the winter in a warm desert of the Mediterranean. Thereupon, Mediterranean destinations Germany and other EU countries started to work to attract people to their countries. For this purpose, tour operators; Prepared special packages for Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. For long-term stays such as two months, all-inclusive packages for 21 Euros per day are offered for sale at the 5-star hotel.

There are also cheaper ones from Turkey.

Greece Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias stepped in for German retirees to spend the winter period in Greece. In this context, the minister first met with the German ambassador in Athens, then went to Germany and met with airline companies and tour operators. From there he made a series of visits to Northern and Central European countries.

The race that started in this area was also reflected in the prices. While there are 152 hotels that will provide service in this scope in Antalya alone in Turkey, this number is 42 in Majorca, Spain.

As for the prices, in Turkey it is 599 for 22 days, 27 per day. Euro The prices are 1,069 Euros for 60 days in Hurghada, Egypt, 18 per day, 1,539 Euros for 60 days in Morocco, 27 per day, 1,769 Euros for 60 days in Tunisia, 29 Euros per day.

“FTI offers hotels in Agadir in Morocco and Monastir and Djerba in Tunisia at attractive prices,” said Halina Strzyzewska, director of destinations for Tunisia and Morocco, German tour operator FTI.

Spain, I cry and go

While FTI and Der Touristik, one of the German tour operators, expanded their programs for Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, Spain, which took action especially for the German market, gave up on this due to the fact that the prices were at this level. However, hoteliers in Spain reproach FTI for not giving them enough space.

How many people come?

It is debatable how many people will come for a long-term stay of 21 euros per day. It is said that the number of people who will come for a long-term holiday in the winter months can reach up to 2 million.

In the winter period covering November-February, the total number of people coming to Turkey from Europe and OECD countries is 1.1 million in 2020, 400 thousand of which are from Germany. When this number is doubled, it exceeds 800 thousand for Germany and 2 million for Europe and OECD combined.

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