Coronavirus cases in China reach 900 million! 2 billion journeys on the way…

According to research conducted by the university, 64 percent of the country coronavirus detected.

In the Ganksu region, 91 percent of the population is thought to be infected.

This rate was calculated as 84 percent in Yunnan and 80 percent in Qinghai.

Zeng Guang, one of China’s leading epidemiologists (epidemics specialist), explained that cases are expected to peak during the Chinese New Year on January 23.

Guang, the former head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, added that the number of cases is expected to continue at this level for 2-3 months.


Hundreds of millions of Chinese will go home for Chinese New Year for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

While China ended its zero Covid policy in late 2022, it also stopped publishing daily Covid statistics.

However, the occupancy rates of hospitals have increased recently in big cities where health facilities are more developed and accessible.

It is thought that the elderly in rural areas with less access to health services may be affected worse by this epidemic.

Coronavirus cases in China reach 900 million 2 billion trips on the way


The New Year holiday, which started on January 21 in China, was leading to the most mass holiday travel in the world before Covid.

A total of around 2 billion trips are expected to be made in the country this year after the restriction of travel during the Covid-19 measures. That’s the world’s largest human migration when hit by an annual rate.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, China, which has restricted its international travels with the quarantine requirement at entry to the country, also lifted this measure on Sunday.

Coronavirus cases in China reach 900 million 2 billion trips on the way

However, many countries have made testing mandatory for travelers from China due to increasing cases.

In response to this, China imposed the same condition on those who will come to China from countries that require testing.

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