Coronavirus alarm again in China: 65 million people quarantined

Due to rising coronavirus cases in China, 65 million people have been quarantined and people are banned from traveling as the national holiday approaches.

Due to the increasing Kovid-19 cases in Chengdu province in the southwest of the country, it went to closure on September 1, 21 million people were locked in their homes.

In the city with a population of 21 million, citizens were asked not to leave their homes except for the daily mass tests, while one individual from each family was allowed for daily shopping.

In the eastern port city of Tianjin, 14 new cases have been reported with no symptoms except for two. A total of 1,552 new cases were reported across the country.

Despite the low number of cases, authorities adhered to quarantine rules as per the “zero case” policy.

On the other hand, the strict quarantine measures implemented also affected the mid-autumn festival, which will be celebrated on September 10-12.

Since the epidemic began ChineseDue to the strict quarantine imposed from time to time in Turkey, tens of millions of people were restricted from accessing food, health and basic necessities.

The closure of Shanghai, China’s largest city, for more than five weeks has caused strain in the local economy.

*The visuals of the news were served by the Associated Press.

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