Coppola, the director who broke Hollywood’s ‘golden rule’, is having troubled days

US director Francis Ford Coppola grapples with a series of problems, from budget resignations, on the set of his dream project ‘Megalopolis’.

According to the special news of The Hollywood Report, while the filming of the film continues, the separations in the creative team left the 83-year-old director in a difficult situation. Some names from the art director and his team, who created the visual world of Megalopolis, left the project.

Last December, the visual effects team left as a whole.

He invested his own money

There are also problems with the budget of the sci-fi movie. Coppola’s Hollywood ‘Never spend your own money’ It is said that he broke the golden rule of the form and financed the film from his own pocket and planned to spend a total of 120 million dollars. However, this money may be insufficient due to disruptions.

Francis Ford Coppola used his own money not because he couldn’t find a funder, but because he wanted to make the movie he wanted. In an interview he gave in March last year, the director said, “Everyone has an idea of ​​how to make a movie. But if you have another idea, it’s worth a try. Because maybe what you want to do is a harbinger of the future” he said.

The director of legendary movies like The Father and Bram Stocker’s Dracula is also famous for his struggling sets. In particular, Apocalypse Now, which he shot in 1979, was chaotic, befitting the title of the movie. Still, it won two Oscars and has become a classic.