Cooperation with ASELSAN and TOGG! Domestic solution to the chip crisis

Armağan Ergün, who is working to bring the experiences he gained in Silicon Valley to a different dimension with the engineering company he founded in İzmir, said that with the chip he designed, he tried to reduce Turkey’s dependence on foreign sources and to overcome the chip crisis that is sometimes experienced in the automotive industry with domestic production.
Armağan Ergün, an entrepreneur from Izmir, who received an investment of 200 million dollars in the company he founded as an entrepreneur in the USA, is working to take the experiences he gained in Silicon Valley to a different dimension with the engineering company he founded in İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE) Technopark. Working on electronic design and production, product development and prototype production, Ergün said that he carries out joint projects with ASELSAN and TOGG companies on chip technology, which has reached a total economic size of 500 billion dollars in the world.

Stating that they developed the newly designed chip for ASELSAN, Ergün said, “We started the project with ASELSAN 2 years ago. We have 100 chips working now. Our goal is to go into mass production. This is a programmable chip. A 32-bit chip with a RISK-V processor inside. It can run at 100 MHz and is a programmable chip. Especially in the automotive industry, high programmability is required. Until now, it is used in military and communication fields. I think it will be used in the automotive industry from now on.”

It will overcome the chip crisis with domestic production

Stating that it is possible to use the same chip in different functions because it can be programmed, Ergün said, “The chip crisis stems from the inability to obtain the material. Here we ensure that the material is procured. Since software updates are provided here, for example, an active suspension system can be purchased for people’s vehicles. Likewise, the autonomous driving feature can be added to the vehicle with a software update. The equipment we provide here will enable this to happen,” he said.

“TOGG is really showing a visionary movement in this field”

Expressing that they are included in TOGG’s accelerator programs, Ergün said, “We want to start production after meeting the necessary costs. While there are around 2,000 chip design companies in China, this number is 10 in Turkey. This is a very value-added industry. You sell the product you buy in cents with dollars. You are only doing this with your knowledge. There is a lot that can be done about this,” he said.

Noting that they have designed the chip and are working on new versions, Ergün said, “New features will be added to the vehicle, just like the new features added to the mobile phone. There are very serious scenarios related to this. TOGG is really showing a visionary movement in this field.”