Consumer and housing loans will be offered with and without insurance

Articles describing insurance, excluding all kinds of products or services offered to consumers and credit-related insurance, under the title of “side financial product”, were added to the regulations of consumer loan agreements and housing finance agreements.

According to the regulations published in today’s issue of the Official Gazette and containing regulations in this direction in both regulations, creditors; In case of a sample payment plan to be prepared on the basis of the loan amount and term requested by the consumer and insured and uninsured loan offers, sample payment plans for both offers, loan installments
If the amounts are equal, installments instead of the sample payment plan
They will have to present comparative information on the amount and the total repayment amount.

Credit-linked insurance cannot be taken out without the express request of the consumer in writing or with a permanent data storage. A loan that includes taking out credit-linked insurance, provided that the lender also offers a contract that does not include credit-linked insurance to the consumer.
present the contract to the consumer.

The insurance policy, which is the lender, which is compatible with the loan amount and duration, obtained from the insurance company of the consumer’s choice, will have to be accepted by the lender without causing any change in the terms of the loan offered to the consumer.

The consumer loan agreement cannot be made conditional on the purchase of ancillary financial products and services, excluding those related to the loan.

Credit-linked insurance was required to be compatible with the subject of the loan. More than one insurance including the same guarantee for the loan and insurance exceeding the loan amount cannot be made.

According to the regulation, in case the contractual interest rate is reduced for indefinite-term consumer loans, this change will take effect from the last payment date for the period in which the notification is made.

Consumer loan agreements regulation; According to the amendment made in the article on the right to withdraw from the consumer loan agreement within 14 days without giving any justification and without paying any penalty, the provisions of this article will be applied without any notification if the entire loan debt is paid early within the right of withdrawal period.