Conservatives’ gas? – Praise MAHMUT

Politically, 2022 will go down in history as the most critical year of the 21st century. As we continue with the Russia-Ukraine War, the US-China tension, and the US’s plans to neutralize the EU, which shook the global system under US hegemony this year, Turkey embarked on a new journey both at the global level and within itself. Turkey Journey of the century turns out…
In terms of foreign policy, this journey President ErdoganTurkey’s peaceful role in the Russo-Ukrainian War and “A fairer world is possible” made its mark on politics.
A parallel policy was followed internally. accumulated and old turkeyAll the remaining problems from , started to be solved one by one. The target is the second century of the Republic, that is, the Century of Turkey. freed from shackles was entering. All the steps taken, from infrastructure to technology, from energy to agriculture, from the defense industry to the fight against terrorism, from the EYT issue to the minimum wage, are a sign of preparation for the new century.
A work of world-class engineering Yusufeli DamThose who view hundreds of investments, from Istanbul to Istanbul Airport, from Çanakkale Bridge to solar panel factories, as electoral investments, therefore overshadow the truth and are mistaken. That mistake has so blinded the minds of the opposition that the Black Sea, which entered the global energy literature, 710 billion cubic meters even to the discovery of gas “lie” she can say.
Could there be a greater misfortune for a country than this? As if it is not enough that you are struggling with global powers outside, you are also struggling with those inside. The strange thing is that this political mentality never changes… MeanderWhen he started working on the Bosphorus Bridge, the CHP leader of the time İsmet İnönü “falls down” he objected, the deceased who took his place Ecevit but he hadn’t searched for it:

“The happy few over this bridge, the rich will pass.”
The intellectuals and journalists of this line were no different. Only one of the founding fathers of Cumhuriyet newspaper Rare‘s words were exemplary:

“This bridge is the bridge of the rightists.”
It’s been 50 years, today “CHP I change it” bragging about Ripeness KilicdarogluUnfortunately, to change itself forgot that he continues the line and everything that is done, even the domestic car Togg opposes:

“They sat down and put on big shows, businessmen met, ministers and presidents met, automobile They said they are producing. Where? nation to deceive.”
In this case dear Salih Tunaby the definition of “the man who lost his head”from the Engin Ozkoc’for Black Sea gas “Lie” It’s not surprising that he said.


The previous evening, there was a youthful enthusiasm at Atatürk Cultural Center. Organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. “Among Youth Culture and Art Competitions” More than 2,000 young people gathered at the premiere. They both received awards and Squad enjoyed the concert.
Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglumade in the night In the speech, close to 30 thousand young people a year He stated that he showed all his skills throughout the he was saying:

“Young people’s success It is a great source of pride and excitement. Live or not rank start and say ‘I’m in too’ and All our young people who shed their sweat for this cause it is very precious in our hearts and it is very special. Participating in all competitions I sincerely congratulate our youth.”
Your server Artifact EatersAK Party Istanbul Deputy to the gala night undertaken by Rumeysa KadakAnadolu Agency (AA) Chairman of the Board Serdar Karagozauthor Umit Mericartists Nevra Serezli, Fettah Can, Ibrahim Sadri, Thanksgiving your passion and Sinan Akcil He also did not leave the young people alone by participating.
I wish that 2023, when we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic, will bring peace, tranquility and health to our country and the world, and I congratulate you all on the new year.