Competing with the world’s richest


With this rise of ADANI, for the first time, an Asian businessman entered the top three in the list of the richest people in the world. Adani, which is engaged in agribusiness, port management and coal businesses, is expanding its fields of activity in areas such as green energy, airports, data centers and media in line with the construction strategy of Indian Prime Minister Modi. In India, opponents argue that Adani’s wealth has increased so rapidly because of her closeness with Prime Minister Modi. Bloomberg 5.8 billion on March 16, 2020 dollar Having a fortune, Adani increased its assets to $35.9 billion on February 2, 2021, and $88.5 billion on February 7, 2022. Most of his now $137.4 billion fortune, in the last two years, coronavirus The rapid rise of Adani, who acquired it after the start of the epidemic, is considered suspicious by some circles due to its closeness to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.



at the top of the list Elon Musk‘s fortune has lost $ 18.9 billion since the beginning of the year, while Jeff Bezos, number two, lost $ 39 billion. The wealth of Microsoft founder Bill Gates has also decreased by $20.6 billion this year.


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