Comment from MHK: Is Enner Valencia’s red card correct?

Super League’referee decisions Central Arbitration Committee It is being evaluated on television by the (MHK) officials.

The most talked about decisions of the week, beIN SPORTS‘Fame By Rule Deputy Chairman of the Central Arbitration Committee Murat Ilgaz and TFF Referee Training Consultant Hugh Dallas analyzed by.

KonyasporFenerbahce referee decisions of the match were evaluated in the program.

– Is Enner Valencia’s red card correct?

­čŚúHugh Dallas: There are now cameras all over the stadiums. VAR will be able to filter such positions from many angles and not miss them. The referee did extremely well here by catching the position, but even if he couldn’t, VAR would quickly warn the referee. The referee would then show a red card. Everyone is watching, I advise the players not to act like this again.

­čŚúMurat Ilgaz: Here, the referee saw that something could happen with his feelings. It is one of the characteristics of good referees. It is not an intervention after an event has occurred, but a foresight and taking precautions. Here, the referee did not take any precautionary measures, but he felt what could happen and made this decision himself. There were 17 cameras in this match. Although this was an overlooked event, VAR would have detected it.

Stating that the second yellow cards should be over 100 percent correct, Murat Ilgaz, Konyasporlu Adil DemirbagHe stated that it was the right decision to leave the player out of the game with the second yellow card. Hugh Dallas, on the other hand, said that they often warned the referees that they wanted them not to show cheap yellow cards.

– How many matches will Enner Valencia be suspended?

Enner Valencia, who received a red card in Fenerbah├že’s Konyaspor match, was cautiously referred to the Professional Football Disciplinary Board for “illegal action”. The striker will be suspended for at least 2 matches.

The Ecuadorian player will be out of the field for 2 to 4 games if he is penalized for a rough and serious foul, and 3 to 6 games if he is penalized for violent conduct.

Fenerbahce player, who was sent to PFDK with caution, will be played in the fifth week. Kayserispor He will not be able to play in the match.

Valencia, who interfered with his opponent after the argument he had with Adil Demirba─č in the Konyaspor match, was out of the game with a red card in the 22nd minute.

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