Citroen Oli: Electric vehicle made of cardboard!

We went to Paris for a press conference to be held on September 29, 2022 (today) with the invitation of the French automobile manufacturer Citroen. While it is stated that the announcement to be made at this event will be very effective, Citroen announced its new concept vehicle on its social media account before the event: Citroen Olive announced the model.

Citroen Oli, the main subject of the event accidentally posted making allegations about it.

While the main agenda topic in France was the energy crisis, the commercial for Citroen Oil “sufficiencyIt comes up with the emphasis. While it is stated that it is sufficient to use other bottle alternatives instead of plastic bottles, and cloth bags instead of plastic ones, it is emphasized that the transition to electric cars is not enough alone and a serious innovation is needed in this area.

Citroen Oli surprises with its features!

In this context, the secret of Citroen Oli, a new concept vehicle in a fairly lightweight to be. Since the official announcement has not been made yet, we do not know the weight of the vehicle yet. However, the details shared are quite remarkable.

It is stated that the seats, which consist of only 3 parts, are ultra-light and comfortable, while cardboard material is used in some parts of the vehicle. Yes, you heard right! Although the first question on everyone’s mind when hearing about cardboard is durability, Citroen states that this material it has developed is more durable than metal.

Citroen Oli surprises with its features!

This is not the only step taken to reduce the weight of the vehicle. Oli users are advised to use their own speakers for listening to music and their phones for navigation. You can place your circular wireless speaker in the compartment inside the vehicle. So there is no sound system.

While there is a special compartment that completely encloses your phone, Oil has a rather small, rather short but wide digital screen. We will share with you the weight and features of this vehicle, where everything has been removed and thus the optional structure has been moved to the highest point.

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