Cigarette hike last minute: When was the last time you had a hike in cigarettes? Is there a raise for cigarettes, last minute 2022? Will there be a new hike in cigarettes?

Last minute: The current list of cigarette prices is being researched by citizens. After the rumors that JTİ, BTİ and Philip Morris branded cigarettes would increase, citizens asked, “Is there a raise for cigarettes?” He is looking for an answer to the question “When will the cigarette hike come?” Here are the details of the news about the cigarette hike…


It has been claimed that after the successive hikes in January, March, May, July and September in cigarette prices, which rose rapidly in 2022, another cigarette group would increase. Making a statement on the subject from his social media account, Tekel Dealers Platform President Özgür Aybaş clarified the allegations. Expressing that the cigarette hike is at the door and rumors are rising, Aybaş said, “I hope it will not come.” While the hike rumor is among the most talked about topics on social media, it is not yet clear what the prices will be.

The cheapest cigarette is currently 23 lira 50 cents, the most expensive 65 lira is offered for sale.


According to mynet’s report: Cigarette prices were increased 5 times in 2022. In the first week of July, cigarettes were increased by 2 liras, followed by a hike in September. Thus, cigarettes increased by 8 liras in total throughout 2022.

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