Chosen as the best city in Africa… Cape Peninsula is like a corner of heaven!

Named the best city in Africa by Travel and Leisure magazine last year, Cape Town stands out as a popular destination visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world, especially from Western countries.

According to the news of AA, one of the favorite places of holidaymakers visiting Cape Town is the seaside resorts along the Cape Peninsula. Those who visit the city for a short time also have the opportunity to see many of these beaches with daily trips around the peninsula.


The Cape Peninsula, which includes the city of Cape Town and descends 51 kilometers south from Table Mountain to the Cape of Good Hope, has an area of ​​approximately 270 square kilometers and a climate unique to this narrow region in the world.

Camps Bay is one of the first stops on the Cape Peninsula tour, which can be carried out in the south by following the west coast of the city. This wide bay, which is among the entertainment centers of the city, hosts a long beach of white fine sand.

The town of Hout Bay, which is the next stop after Camps Bay, is among Cape Town’s leading tourist areas. It is always possible to find fresh ocean fish in the restaurants of this town, which is one of the fishing centers of the region. The beach has a photogenic bay view with its sandy beach.

Duiker Island, 1 kilometer offshore from here, is home to a fur seal colony. There are various boat tours around the island. On weekends, there is a food market in the town.


The old Chapman’s Peak Road, south of Hout Bay, offers a pleasant scenic drive along the shores of deep cliffs and the endless blue of the ocean.

Those who use this toll road enjoy watching the vast blue of the ocean from a bird’s eye view from the stopping points and viewing terraces. The end of Chapman’s Peak road leads to Nordhoek, another famous seaside town of Cape Town and famous for its long sandy beach.

This 6-kilometer-long fine white sand beach, which can be visited by those who want to enjoy the cool waters of the Atlas in summer, is also known as a horse riding center.


The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, which can be reached by following the M65 road from now on, is among the most visited places by tourists visiting Cape Town.

The entrance fee to this protected area, which is connected to the Table Mountain National Parks, is 360 rand (368 Turkish Liras) per person. It is recommended to spend at least 3-4 hours on this wide area covering the southern tip of the peninsula.

The cape and its surroundings, named after the Europeans’ hopes of reaching India from the southeast direction, are known by the local Khoi as “the place where the clouds gather”.

This region, which is also known as the southernmost point of Africa, is actually the most southwestern point of the continent. The southernmost point is Cape Agulhas, which is about 1.5 hours away from the land.

Cape Point, another famous spot here, draws attention with its lighthouse on its summit. Those who want to climb this summit and the lighthouse can choose between a 45-minute walk or a funicular with a round-trip ticket fee of 85 rand per person.

A breathtaking view of the cliffs beaten by the ocean and a strong wind await its visitors at this summit. The iconic lighthouse, which is of interest to tourists, is no longer used because it is “extremely high” and misleads the ships.


Among the places to visit after the Cape of Good Hope region is the town of Simonstown. With a variety of accommodation options, this town is one of the ideal places to stay for more than one day trips with its safe and peaceful atmosphere, maritime history and famous penguin beaches.

Seaforth and Boulders beaches here are home to penguins. Admission to Seaforth beach is free. There are few penguins on this beach, which is also used by families as a swimming area. Authorities warn that penguins should not be approached more than 1.5 meters away.

Boulder Beach, with an entrance fee of 170 rand, is the main habitat of penguins. In this region, which is the spawning area of ​​many penguins, the social life of the penguins can be watched from the observation terrace.

Simonstown Military Maritime Museum, on the other hand, has a rich collection that attracts enthusiasts in this area. This was previously built as one of the British Empire’s most important naval bases in the south.

The private toy museum and popular culture museum in this town also display interesting objects for enthusiasts. The town offers a wide variety of South African and international cuisine.

Fish Hoek, the fishing town to the north of here, offers suitable options for those who want to consume fresh seafood. Fish Hoek, an environment preferred by retirees and holidaymakers, offers a wide variety of accommodation options.


Muizenberg, which is shown as one of the recommended places for swimming in Cape Town, is among the places that Cape Town residents and tourists flock to in summer with its blue flag clear waters and white fine sand beach.

This is also the center of surfing communities in Cape Town. Athletes surfing can be found on the beaches of Muizenberg every season of the year.