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Chinese brand returns to the Turkish market

Chery Turkey Vice President Zhenghai Mei made a statement regarding the Chinese automotive manufacturer’s entry into the Turkish market.

Expressing that they are very excited about Chery’s entry into the Turkish market, Mei said, “We always attach great importance to the Turkish market. We have gained significant experience in the last 20 years. New Chery You can see that we have improved not only the quality of our products, but also the design and function. The brand image of the new Chery in Turkey is completely different from Chery 10 years ago. Now is a good time for Chery to return to Turkey,” he said.

Stating that their experience with a few models 10 years ago in Turkey is history now, and that Chery will establish its own general directorate in Istanbul with a brand new image and technology, Mei said, “We will always be together with both our partners and end users, and we will always be together with the best quality product, the best technology. we will try our best to provide good design cars. Also price strategy is of course very important, and we will also try our best for product strategy, also service strategy. We will try our best to keep improving not only our quality, not only our functionality, but also our design We will do the best. And also we will always stand by our customers and offer our best product and service.” he said.

Mei stated that they will launch the Tiggo 7 Pro, Tiggo 8 Pro and Omoda 5 in Turkey this year and that they will put the electric cars on sale in the Turkish market in the rest of the year, adding that Turkey is a country very open to innovations and that Turkish customers are the best for them. He stated that he would always welcome brands that offer a good feeling.


Explaining his strategies regarding the Turkish market, Mei continued as follows:

“I think we have a very mature strategy to develop in the Turkish market. We took the first step and we have a five-year strategy and I believe that our market share will increase very quickly. We trust our products, quality, technology and service. Because Chery has accomplished very successful works in the world market and one after the other. For 19 years, it has been in the first place in the export of Chinese brands in global markets. Therefore, we believe that our market share in Turkey will be very good and will increase at a very high rate.”

Emphasizing that they have a very, very long-term strategy in Turkey, Mei said, “We will always be together with our local partners and local end users. Turkey is a very important market located between Europe and Asia and this is a very important market for our future strategy to enter EU markets. very good place.” used the phrases.


Chery Turkey Vice President Mei stated that their companies are not affected by the global supply and chip problems in the automotive industry.

Pointing out that the chip problem affects many automobile manufacturers, especially during the epidemic period and the negative economic environment in the world, Mei said, “There is no supply problem in Chery’s products. We have a mature structure, we do not experience the supply problem that other car brands have during the pandemic period. We can deliver our vehicles on time. This is our best bet. our great advantage.” made its assessment.

Stating that they fully believe that the “win-win strategy” they will implement in Turkey will be successful, Mei concluded his words as follows:

“Do you know why we are returning to Turkey? Turkey is a very large automotive market, there are many automobile manufacturers in Turkey, many brands are investing in Turkey. Turkey is an important production center. Turkey is one of the most important cities because it is located between Europe and Asia. one of our markets. I believe that we will gradually establish a production facility in Turkey and export our vehicles to Europe, with our development in the Turkish market. This is within our five-year strategy plan.”


On the other hand, according to the information given, Chery plans to introduce 3 SUV models equipped with ACTECO series 1.6 lt gasoline engines to the Turkish market in the first stage.

One of these models is a completely sporty coupe SUV model. It is known that the design of Omoda with fluid lines, called “Art in Motion”, attracts a lot of attention in the world. The 5-seat compact SUV model Tiggo 7 Pro and the 7-seat mid-size SUV model Tiggo 8 Pro will be the other models that will enter the Turkish market. Sales of these three models are planned to start in the last quarter of the year.

Chery International, which has many different brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Exeed and Chery, has more than 10 million customers worldwide.

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