Chinese and Russian warships spotted near USA

China and Russia warships in the Bering Sea USA‘ was reported to be seen around the archipelago of the state of Alaska.

In a statement from the U.S. Coast Guard, Chinese It was stated that 3 ships belonging to the navy, 4 Russian warships and 139 kilometers north of Kiska Island in the Aleutian archipelago of Alaska were detected.

In the statement, it was noted that the warships, including a Chinese guided-missile cruiser and a Russian destroyer, were operating in the same formation, and after they were detected by the Coast Guard patrol ship, they disrupted the formation and dispersed in different directions.

“While navigational activity complies with international rules and norms, we will respond ‘on present’ to ensure that nothing occurs that could affect American interests in the maritime area around Alaska,” said Brigadier General Nathan Moore, Commander of the 17th District of the U.S. Coast Guard. used the phrases.

In the statement, it was stated that the US Navy’s Operation Frontier Sentinel (Frontier Watch) directive stipulates that if elements belonging to strategic rivals are located around American territorial waters, they will respond with “existing”, that is, ships of the same number and nature will be sent to the region.

It was noteworthy that the cruise activity came after NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s warning on strategic cooperation between Russia and China in the Arctic Circle (Arctic) region, during his visit to northern Canada on 24-26 August.

Stoltenberg warned that “the practical cooperation between China and Russia in the region is part of an increasingly deepening strategic partnership and threatens the interests and values ​​of NATO countries.”