China restarts passport and visa procedures suspended due to Kovid-19

It has been reported that passport and visa procedures will be resumed after the announcement that the international travel restrictions and border measures applied due to the Kovid-19 outbreak will be lifted in China.

In the statement made by the National Immigration Administration, suspended due to the epidemic, Chinese It was stated that the standard passport application and approval processes of its citizens will return to their usual flow as of January 8, 2023.

Thus, after 3 years, Chinese citizens will be able to go abroad for tourism and friend visits, apart from family, business and educational obligations.

In addition, Chinese citizens will be allowed to travel to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for tourism and business purposes.


On the other hand, it was reported that the applications of foreigners for normal visa, short-term entry visa, transit visa and residence permit will start to be accepted again.

On December 26, the National Health Commission announced that Kovid-19 will cease to be considered as a “category A epidemic disease” as of January 8, 2023, and the quarantine measures implemented in accordance with the Border Health and Quarantine Law will be lifted.

With the new application, it was reported that passengers coming from abroad will not have to obtain a health code from China’s embassies and consulates before traveling, and they will not be kept in central quarantine even if they are positive on arrival.

With the regulation, it was also announced that the restriction that allowed airline companies to fly from China to international routes and from abroad to China only once a week would be lifted.

Photo: AP