China: NATO should not sow seeds of turmoil in Asia-Pacific

China, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s visits to South Korea and Japan ChineseHe criticized his threat assessments of .

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mao Ning, at his regular press conference in Beijing, responded to Stoltenberg’s assessment that “China is leading an authoritarian opposition to the rules-based, open and democratic international order.”

Stating that Stoltenberg is trying to create ideological confrontation by exaggerating the “Chinese threat”, Spokesperson Mao said, “NATO should focus on its role in European security. We have seen what it has done in Europe. It should not sow the seeds of turmoil in the Asia-Pacific or elsewhere in the world.” said.

Arguing that China is committed to world peace and stability, does not pursue geopolitical competition and does not threaten any country, Mao said, “Peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific have been made possible by the joint efforts of the countries in the region. He doesn’t want confrontation.” used his statements.


On a question, spokesman Mao also referred to the agreement between the United States and the Philippines, which allows the American army to access 4 more military bases in the country.

Stating that cooperation in the field of defense and security should contribute to regional peace and stability, and should not target third parties and their interests, he said:

“The US side is increasing its military deployment in the Asia-Pacific with the logic of zero-sum games for its selfish interests. This is a development that will increase tension in the region and harm peace and stability. The countries in the region must be alert to US pressure and efforts to use them.”

Photograph: Haberturk