‘China can establish its own power on the moon’

Bill Nelson, the head of the American Space and Aviation Administration (NASA), announced that China can claim the Moon as its territory and prohibit US astronauts from landing on the Moon. Nelson, US-based politician news “I and other experts at NASA are increasingly worried for the United States about what China plans to do there once it reaches the Moon,” he told the website Politico. Because China, which is trying to build a space station of its own, may declare the Moon its territory in the near future. This country is trying to keep the resources-rich places on the lunar surface.”


Stating that China will try to prevent other countries, especially the USA, in order to own the resources of the Moon, Nelson continued as follows:

“It is a fact that superpowers are in a race to parcel out space. So we’d better be careful that China doesn’t get anywhere on the Moon under the guise of scientific research. As I said, China may say to other countries in the near future, ‘Get away from here, because we are here, the Moon is under our dominion’.

NASA Director Bill Nelson expressed his concerns about China.

remarkable timing

It is noteworthy that NASA President Bill Nelson expressed his concern one month after three Chinese astronauts returned from a 6-month space journey to build a new space station in China. NASA, the space agency of the United States, which completed a lunar orbital journey in December, by 2025 WorldIt seeks to establish a more permanent presence on the satellite of .