Child confession from Pelin Akil: We are very afraid if twins come!

Actress Pelin Akil, who made a name for herself with TV series such as “Back Sequences”, “Barbarians: Sword of the Mediterranean” and “Bandit Does Not Rule the World”, draws attention with her private life as well as her successful professional life. The famous actress, who has twin daughters named Lina and Alin, expressed that she wants to be a mother again.

Actress who got married in 2016 Pelin Akil and Anil Altanare shown among the exemplary couples of the tabloid world with their happy marriages. Especially the twin girls they took in their arms in 2019. lina and ForeheadThe famous couple, who is frequently on the agenda, is making a name for themselves with their social media accounts.

Pelin Akil and Anıl Altan with their daughters

Pelin Akil, who recently made statements about her daughters, “Do you want another child?” He gave a surprising answer to his question. Famous actress who expressed her desire to be a mother again “We can’t say no, we both have a lot of love for children. We say our twins will be girls, maybe boys… But we are also afraid if twins come” used the phrases. This is what Akil wants by social media users. “Well, if it’s going to be like twins, have twins again” and “A very beautiful mother, I hope it turns out as they wish” interpreted as.

Alin and Lina


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