Check your ID card to be one of those people!

While Ziraat Bank continues to offer cash loan services to its customers, instant payments are found in the accounts with the compliance of the citizens with the conditions. Payments are made to the accounts of citizens using cash loans under certain conditions. Here are all the details for those who want to take advantage of the pension loan.

Ziraat Bank launched a new campaign. Everyone who applies will be able to benefit, while interest rates are offered to those who use consumer loans. You can find out about your high limit loan with inquiries made with your TR ID number. Those who want to apply for a consumer loan must be retired, working or a government employee. Requirements for a support loan of up to 100 thousand TL can be found in our news.


Citizens who request a consumer loan must fulfill the conditions while providing loan opportunities with appropriate conditions. Without the need to go to Ziraat Bank branches, those who are customers of the bank can complete their applications with an ID. Those who are not bank customers must go to the branches with their identity and income documents.

Loan applications can be made through Ziraat Bank mobile applications through internet banking accounts. Once the loan applications in your account are approved, the payments are deposited into the accounts.


In order to benefit from the pension loan campaign initiated by Ziraat Bank, the bank will determine the limit by calculating the credit and credit card debts that they will use after the salary transfer transactions, provided that they receive their pensions from Ziraat Bank.

You can join the Retirement Loan campaign and complete consumer loan applications up to 100 thousand TL. Those who want to apply can also close their loan or credit card debts in other banks by performing quick transactions, as well as complying with the conditions of the bank.