Chamber of tradesmen call for ‘gas and electricity discounts for small shopkeepers’

Kirsehir A call was made from the Union of Chambers of Tradesmen to apply the energy reductions applied in the industry to small tradesmen as well.

Kırşehir Union of Chambers of Craftsmen requested that the natural gas and electricity discount applied to industrialists be applied to small tradesmen as well.

Bahamettin Öztürk, President of the Union of Chambers of Craftsmen and Craftsmen, said in a statement; He said that his biggest expectation is to make the same discounts to small tradesmen. Stating that 12 percent discount on electricity prices used in industry is positive, but the same discount should be made for tradesmen and craftsmen enterprises, Kırşehir Chamber of Craftsmen and Craftsmen Union President Bahamettin Öztürk said, “These discounts applied for our industrialists make us happy. However, it is our biggest expectation that the same practices will be organized for our small tradesmen,” he said.

Stating that the economic fluctuations are tiring the small shopkeepers, Öztürk said, “Our shopkeepers, who are struggling under economic conditions, should get some relief. Products such as cupboards and illuminated signs that work non-stop at our shopkeepers’ workplaces are reflected in the invoices of our shopkeepers. Our shopkeepers, who cannot afford the expenses, are also crushed by the high prices of electricity and natural gas “We expect that these discounts, which will be applied to our industrialists, will also be applied to our tradesmen. If the expenses continue like this, our tradesmen, who are the light of our streets, will continue to close their shutters one by one. More privileges should be offered to our tradesmen, who are the cornerstone of the economy. The burden on our tradesmen, who are the lifeblood of the streets, should be reduced, and employment should be opened.” used.

On the other hand, shopkeepers said that small shopkeepers had difficulty in paying their bills and that the demand was on point.

Source: UAV