Cevat Kol, the Poseidon of Football, wrote the disgrace of Turkey against the Faroe Islands. The final whistle was blown, disgrace was registered

Lithuania, which was the first in the group guaranteed by Turkey, was the last to score a point. In this case, so to speak, “soda” can be called Fareo Islands – Turkey match!
The effort of the TRT announcer to camouflage the mediocre football played by giving the good news “We are in the B league” after the Luxembourg match made the audience laugh and of course angered the Turkish sports public.

Don’t let the name Faroe Islands scare you. Although the name is a bit long, the sum of the people living in this country is not enough to fill many stadiums in Turkey. If the population reaches 60 thousand, they will feast for 40 days and 40 nights, saying that “there has been a population explosion in the country”! At the last census, their population is 52 thousand. For this team, what does it mean to say “we have shortcomings” if not insulting your own country? Play from the reserve league, no problem..
The German coach, who has been in charge of the country’s national team for a year, will explain his actions at a press conference. I don’t care what he will say about football. I would like to know exactly what kind of investment the country’s national team has made in Turkey with what it has earned.

“What should I write, where do I start?” I thought a lot about it. Nationals do not have a certain game plan game understanding against the Faroe Islands. If you look at the percentage of playing the ball in the first half, there should be a team that eliminates the opponent from the field. What is it? We took our first shot in the 28th minute. No man reduction. No front print. No deep-shot balls. TRT announcer found the best cover for below-average football. Wind down, wind up! Has the direction of your cross or shot changed? You think your opponent is playing on another court! While the football played in the first half did not give pleasure to anyone, naturally, there was no sound of goals.

The second half started with a surprise. Taking the wind in front of him, Faroe Islands scored a goal from Davidsen’s foot in the 51st minute. Before we could get over the shock of the first goal, our national team scored the second goal. Edmundsson scored the team’s second goal in the 59th minute. Serdar Gürler’s goal in the 89th minute was a consolation.2-1
Despite the wind, the ice broke after the goals! The men manipulated the wind in front of or behind them and turned it into energy. Kuntz was going to hold a press conference! With what sentences will he describe the defeat of the national team, which is 42nd in the world ranking, to the team that is in the 145th place. After watching the last two games, we saw once again that the national team did not go one step further. We got punched and stunned from Luxembourg. We were knocked out by the Faroe Islands. If a local coach had taken these scores. The narrow tree was set up with the final whistle of the match. Goodbye Stefan Kuntz!