Cem Yilmaz took action! Alimony appeal at the Supreme Court… ‘The mother should pay the 10 thousand dollars’

Cem Yılmaz filed a lawsuit to convert the alimony of 10 thousand dollars, which he paid to his ex-wife Ahu Yağtu, for his son Kemal, into lira, and was ordered to pay 70 thousand liras as alimony.

However, Yağtu objected to this decision of the local court and moved the case file to the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice (Court of Appeal).

In Yağtu’s petition, it was stated that Yılmaz’s business increased, he performed stand-up shows in Europe and that he had real estate in Turkey and abroad. The Court of Appeal found Ahu Yağtu right and ruled that the local court’s decision be completely abolished.


Cem Yılmaz objected to the decision of the Court of Appeal through his lawyer, Renkin Gönenç, and took the case to the Court of Cassation.

Gönenç stated in his appeal petition that the Court of Appeal reversed the decision without taking into account the economic conditions in Turkey:

“As per the law, since 2018, all of the client’s income, including rental income, is in Turkish lira, not exchange rate. The unforeseen increase of the dollar in Turkey constitutes a violation of equity. Ahu Yağtu, the mother as well as the client, should equally ensure the maintenance of the child’s life. Then the mother has to give her child 10 thousand dollars. After the child’s education, health and general expenses are covered, is it fair for the mother to receive a total of 20 thousand dollars per month in alimony? What kid spends $20,000 a month on food and drink? For this reason, we appealed the decision of the Court of Appeal and brought the file to the Court of Cassation.”

Cem Yilmaz with Ahu Yagtu He got married in 2012. From this marriage of the couple, their son named ‘Kemal’, who is 9 years old today, was born.

Cem Yilmaz and Ahu Yagtu divorced in 2013 by agreement. The court, which gave the custody of the child to the mother, ruled that the father, Cem Yılmaz, should pay 10 thousand dollars per month in child support for his child.