Car owners were given the good news of the weekend! LPG, gasoline and diesel discount announcement: It will end on February 15

A very important campaign was started by Vakıfbank. Those who participate in this campaign will be given points and with these points, a discount will be made from the total fuel expenditure. In the announcement made by the bank, it was stated that 60 TL Worldpoints will be gifted for 4 purchases of 350 TL or more that you will make with VakıfBank Worldcard on different days and at once in the fuel sector between 1-31 January 2023.


Continuing the announcement about the campaign in question, “The campaign is valid on a customer basis. Shopping with additional cards and virtual cards is included in the campaign. A customer can earn a maximum of 60 TL Worldpoints from the campaign.” and it was stated that the campaign does not include BusinessCards, Bankomat Cards, cash withdrawal and international transactions, mail order, refund, cancellation and point redemption transactions.


In addition to this, in the continuation of the announcement, it was stated that in case of cancellation of the transaction, the loaded points will be refunded, and in the event that no repurchase can be made due to the use of advance points, the related amount will be debited to your card, and only one purchase of 350 TL or more will be included in the campaign on the same day.


The following statements were included in the announcement made by Vakıfbank regarding the details of the campaign:

You can only participate in the campaign by clicking the “Join Now” button on the “Cepte Kazan” on VakıfBank Mobile.

Worldpoints earned within the scope of the campaign will be loaded on your personal and open credit card until February 8, 2023, and will be available the next day. Worldpoints will expire on February 23, 2023. Unused Worldpoints will be refunded on February 24, 2023.

Campaign participation fee for Express Card holders is 4.99 TL.

VakıfBank has the right to stop the campaign and/or change the campaign conditions at any time.