Can a 10-year tenant be removed, how much should a tenant who has completed 5 years increase? Can the landlord demand rent in dollars… Here are the tenant’s rights



With the increase of working from HOME, some occupational groups started to use some of the immovables they used as residences as offices. When the concept of home office is examined, it is understood that an immovable that is rented for residential purposes can also be used as a workplace with technological developments. Since the dominant part of the concept of home office is housing, the provisions regarding housing rent should be applied here. Therefore, the 25 percent rent increase limit applied between 11 June 2022 and 1 July 2023 in terms of housing rents is also valid for home offices.


The 25 percent increase rate limit in rental rates applies only to residential rents. Workplace leases are excluded from the scope. Therefore, the increase in workplace rents can be increased at the rates determined in the contract, or it can be increased according to the CPI rate.


With the Presidential Decision No. 85 on the Amendment of the Decision No. 32 on the Protection of the Value of the Turkish Currency, it is prohibited to decide on the rental price in foreign currency or indexed to the exchange rate if the tenant is a Turkish citizen. However, there are exceptions to this situation regarding the sale and rental of real estate. Namely; Recipients of branches, representative offices, offices, liaison offices in Turkey, direct or indirect ownership of 50 percent or more, or companies in which they have joint control and/or control in Turkey, who do not have citizenship ties with the State of the Republic of Turkey or those residing abroad. Real estate sales and real estate rental agreements to which they are parties as tenants, real estate rental agreements for the purpose of operating accommodation facilities certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and real estate rental agreements for the rental of duty-free shops and rental prices can be determined in foreign currency or indexed to foreign currency.