Call to Turkey from Syria: They must fulfill their commitments

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdadcommented on the issues related to the agenda on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly to Sputnik.

Faisal Mikdad, Astana within the scope of the process “The only obstacle stopping the peace process in Syria is the lack of commitment by the Turkish side” Put forward.

Miqdad, “We ask Turkey to be more serious about fulfilling its agreed commitments in the Astana process. The only obstacle to the peace process is Turkey’s lack of commitment. This is the only problem we face. However, we believe that the efforts of both our Russian and Iranian friends will continue,” he said. said.

Mikdad, the Astana process so far “the only viable component that succeeds in the field” that and “successful in many respects” also expressed.

Miqdad also Turkey Noting that there was no contact or meeting with “There is no negotiation and no contact, at least nothing at the level of foreign ministers” used the phrases.


Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalınin a live broadcast program he attended yesterday Syria with “there is no political dialogue” told.

Thick, “There is currently no plan for political contact with Syria. Intelligence is making contact. Turkey’s stance on Syria is clear. The Astana process continues. Constitutional studies continue.” said.