BYD overtakes Tesla to become largest EV manufacturer

Competition in the electric car world is growing day by day. China-based automaker BYDsurpassing Tesla by a significant margin in 2022 world’s largest electric car (EV) manufacturer it happened. The Chinese company managed to overtake Tesla with both all-electric and plug-in hybrid models.

BYD surpasses Tesla by selling 1.8 million electric cars in 2022

Featured in South China Morning Post to the news According to the report, the world’s largest electric car manufacturer has been announced. BYD has sold more than 911 thousand all-electric and 946 thousand plug-in hybrid cars worldwide, in total. 1.86 million cars offered to its customers. Tesla, on the other hand, sold more than 1.3 million electric cars during the year.

Chinese users have a great influence on the rise of BYD. The economic recession that affected the whole world caused people to turn to cheaper and local brands like BYD instead of imported models like Tesla or foreign brands. Let’s underline that BYD’s fully electric cars are gaining popularity in China.

Surprise new team for Formula 1!

Surprise new team for Formula 1!

The new company, called Andretti Cadillac, aims to be an “all-American Formula 1 team”.

BYD’s product range is much more affordable than Tesla and other competitors. Sales figures in China range from 29 thousand to 58 thousand dollars. Tesla, Nio and xpeng It should be noted that competitors such as 37 thousand dollars sell cars with a starting price.

BYD entered the electric vehicle industry as a battery manufacturer. lithium/iron/phosphate battery The company, which has become a high-quality brand in China with its teams, quickly adapted to the sector thanks to battery technology. These batteries are more energy-dense, while at the same time resistant to overheating.

Tesla remains the leader in the all-electric car industry for now. But the upgrade BYD has experienced throughout the year indicates that that could change in 2023.

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