Bursaspor decision from FIFA! Tim Matavz…

Tim Matavz, who was transferred to Bursaspor at the beginning of the last season and attracted great reaction with his performance afterwards, left Bursa during the half-time and complained to the green-white club FIFA.

The lawsuit filed by the player was concluded and FIFA decided that Bursaspor would pay 1 million 740 thousand Euros to the player.

The Slovenian player was able to collect only 59,500 Euros of his salary when he played for Bursaspor.

Here is the decision announced:

IV. Decision of the Dispute Resolution Office

1- The claim of the plaintiff Tim Matavz has been partially accepted.

2- The Defendant Bursaspor Club has to pay the following amounts to the Claimant:

  • From the date of the player’s first license with Bursaspor to the date of termination of his contract, he could not receive 560 thousand 500 Euros. Get this money at an annual interest rate of 5 percent.
  • After the breach of the contract, the player’s remaining receivables with his club are 1 million 180 thousand euros and he receives this receivable with an annual interest of 5 percent.

3- Other claims of the plaintiff are rejected.

4- Full payment (including all applicable interest) will be made to the bank account specified in the paragraph below.

5- If full payment (including all applicable interest) is not made within 45 days from the notification of this decision, the following results will apply.

a- The Defendant will be prohibited from registering any new national or international player until the due amount has been paid. The maximum duration of the ban will be three full and consecutive registration periods.

b- This matter will be submitted, upon request, to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee if full payment (including all applicable interest) is still not made at the end of three full and consecutive registration periods.

6- The results were realized only at the request of the Claimant.