Bursa lost its throne! – Elif Didem Danacioglu

While following the developments in the markets, we sometimes focus so much on the developments in the world and Turkish economy that we can overlook the developments in the domestic agenda.

Today, Uludag Economy Summit I would like to share the details about it with you.

This topic is business Bursato and Turkey economy, it concerns us all.

As you know, the region’s largest business and economy meeting Uludag Economy Summit is one of the most important issues.

Set out in 2012 with the participation of 50 business people and 650 viewers. Uludag Economy Summit (UEZ), had turned into the biggest meeting of Bursa in the intervening time.

It has developed over the years and reached 110 high-level speakers and 2 thousand participants from Turkey and the world.

At the summit organized by Capital, Economist and Start Up magazines, prominent topics on the agenda of today’s business world were discussed in the panels from Turkey and abroad. work, economy, politics and academy Leading speakers in the field.

Let’s get to our title…

Bursa lost its throne!

To who?

to Sapanca…

So why did I post such a title?


Uludağ Economy Summit, which has been drawing great attention from the leaders of the Turkish business and economy world for years, and which has completed its 11th year, will take place in Sapanca between 6-9 October 2022.

In these days when the whole world is experiencing the pains of change in an inflationary and challenging conjuncture after the pandemic; Business, economic and political leaders will talk about how they can shape a better global order.

Educationfrom Agriculturea, productionfrom industryeat, energyfrom technologySolution proposals for creating humane and more nature-friendly systems in every field and the steps to be taken in line with these goals will be discussed.

Frankly, the reason why Uludağ Economy Summit, which I have been following for years, Bursanot in, SapancaThe fact that it will take place in . has created question marks.

A little sad too!

I am talking about the brand value of Bursa and the name of the summit, Uludağ.

Bursa, which has hosted the meeting since the first day of its departure, is a city that represents the economy of tomorrow.

machinery equipment, textile, automotive as production and a city that produces high value-added products.

Last year, 14 billion 959 million 238 thousand dollars came from Bursa, one of Turkey’s leading industrial cities. export done.

Oyak Renault, Tofas, Bosch and Karsan Last year, foreign sales were carried out to 184 countries and autonomous regions and 14 free zones from Bursa, where giant companies such as Bursa are operating.


Uludağ Economy Summit, where the bosses of the economy came together in Uludağ, was also very important for Bursa.

We keep saying that Uludağ will become more attractive with the investments to be made.

Hotel, social facility, Congress Center, transport, car park, sports facilities and similar opportunities UludagWe keep adding to our words that Turkey will host larger summits.

Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir Bursa and Uludağ, which are located in the middle of three big cities such as

fed and fed industry and Agriculture the city of Bursa, to congress tourism Doesn’t he have enough?

Congress tourism, which is gaining importance around the world with each passing day, is important for the promotion of the city at a time when cities, not countries, are trying to be candidates and compete to win congresses.

While Bursa has a potential for congress tourism with its increasing hotels, accommodation services, facilities, spas, natural beauties and industry, does it not take care of the tourism cake that will be created by the Uludağ Economy Summit, which will be attended by the business world?

Another loss is the inability of the Bursa business world to participate as a speaker at the Uludağ Economy Summit.

No demand or no offer?

The participation rates of the leaders of the Bursa business world, which showed intense participation in the first years of the summit, also decreased gradually.

There was a summit in Bursa and it was interesting that there were no speakers from the business world of Bursa at this summit.

Whereas, while we have strong industrialists who make significant contributions to Bursa’s economy and whose success stories can be benefited from…

Let’s get to the notes I took…

According to the information I have obtained and my evaluations, I have received the following shares:

-One of the reasons why Uludağ Economy Summit will be held at NG Enjoy Hotel in Sapanca is that there are no hotels in Bursa Uludağ between the dates of the summit.

-From the South Marmara Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Union Association (GUMTOB) according to the information I received; Last year, due to the corona virus epidemic, the summit was taken to Sapanca because the hotels in Uludağ were closed. Because the hotel in Sapanca was open in 2021, they decided to do it there. However, the summit, which was physically postponed last year due to the coronavirus epidemic, although the organization fee was paid and could not be held in Sapanca, was to be held physically in Sapanca in accordance with the pandemic conditions, since the organization fee was paid in advance. It is predicted that it will be held in Bursa Uludağ again as of 2023.


With its natural beauties, places worth seeing, and the history it hides in its bosom, Bursa contains many resources for all forms of tourism…

There is more…

Making a difference with its many facilities and special presentations that are comfortable enough to host the business world in their area. There are hotels.

In short, there was no need to go far when there was an alternative in Bursa!