Buckingham Palace takes action for The Crown

The new season of The Crown, which is about the royal family, has raised concerns at Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace took action before the new episodes of the series, which will focus on the turbulent periods of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship and after the couple’s separation. Palace officials are considering the possibility that King Charles, who took the throne after Queen Elizabeth, will get a reaction after the new season of the series.

According to the information the Telegraph received from a high-level royal source, Saray will start the series from the digital platform. “This series is fiction, not a documentary” He asked her to put a warning.


According to the news on NTV, it was stated that a close friend of King Charles’s name, whose name was not disclosed, also used the following statements:

“Netflix has no qualms about tarnishing people’s reputations. What people forget is that it’s about real people, real lives.”

The British government asked the digital platform to put a similar warning on The Crown in 2020. However, platform administrators accept this demand. “We think our audiences are smart enough to distinguish fiction from fact” he had refused.

In the series, it is expected that Prince Charles will go into the details of the forbidden love he had with his current wife Camilla while he was married to Diana, and will tell about the troubled period in the divorce process with Diana.

Prince Charles and Camilla got married in 2005. Princess Diana, who died as a result of a traffic accident in 1997, said in her own voice that she was cheated on by her husband Charles and went to Queen Elizabeth one day, crying, and told the Queen herself, “I don’t know what you should do. Charles is a hopeless case” He said that this answer caused trauma to him.