British teenager killed by Albanian gang after entering facility to steal cannabis

BritainIt was reported that a 23-year-old youth was found dead after being beaten in .

Tomasz WagaHis brutally beaten body was found on Westville Road in Cardiff.

Albanian gang members Josif Nushi, Mihal Dhana and Hysland Aliajfound guilty of murdering Tomasz Waga after trial at Newport Crown Court on Tuesday, January 10.

It was learned that Waga was among four people who set out from London that night to steal from a cannabis production facility set up by an organized crime syndicate, and had previously been convicted of a similar crime.

It is recorded that Aliaj heard the thieves enter and warned the other gang members, including Nushi and Dhana, after which they immediately reached the house.


Waga and Carl Davies, who stayed at home to collect cannabis, tried to escape through the upstairs window, but were cornered by Aliaj and his men.

Davies managed to get out of the house with some injuries before hiding behind a nearby garden wall, but Waga suffered severe injuries, including severe head injury and broken ribs.

It is believed that Waga suffered repeated assaults, including kicks and blows to the head, before being dragged out of the house and loaded into a Mercedes.


Waga’s sister, Patrycja Waga, said in court that her brother’s “thrown away like garbage” by expressing, “The pain of not being there to comfort her in the last moments of her life as her older sister was unimaginable, not to mention the inhumane way she was dumped like a garbage bag, like seeing her lifeless and battered face during her official identification will haunt me for the rest of my life” said.

Patrycja Waga, “Tomasz had his whole life ahead of him, including a newborn son who is now fatherless and can’t celebrate Father’s Day outside of the cemetery. He was my only brother and despite the bad choices he made, he had a good heart and always had good intentions.” he said.

Aliaj’s accomplices, Nushi, were sentenced to 20 years and Dhana to at least 16 years.

Aliaj, 31, was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in prison.