Brings calm and smart playgroups

As soon as I learned about Trabzonspor’s team composition, I was worried. In my general views about Trabzon, the subject that I focused on the most was the formation of the midfield. I always emphasized that; Bakasetas and Abdülkadir Ömür’s playing together in the midfield creates problems, especially in high-level matches. Abdullah Avci, next to Sipois Dorukhan mount it and live life too should have used it first. In this type of matches, it is necessary to be resistant in the midfield. It is necessary to keep the game and not concede early goals. Of course, when the score was disadvantaged in the 9th minute, Copenhagen switched to a controlled approach and both secured the back and created dangers with exits in sections. When the opponent started the second half with a goal, things got into a dead end. Endbetween Trabzon dominates the game started to do. Copenhagen was completely on the defensive, but it was not productive. In the 2nd half, when Bakasetas’ shot hit the opponent and went into the net, Trabzonspor gave hope for the rematch. a mediocre Trabzonspor against Copenhagen, which is a team, Champions who play calmly and smartly to enter groups in the league succeeds. As long as Abdullah Avcı makes his plans well. Last night, Avcı put two new transfers into the game even though they did not know any of their friends. Quality player Bartra managed to guide the team to a certain extent with his experience. However, it is not compatible with my football logic to include two new names in the game and to play Kouassi, who is used in rotation, in the starting 11, whose capacity is limited.


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