Brent oil saw the bottom price! There was a huge discount expectation in fuel: Just over 5 TL…

The barrel price of Brent oil, which saw its historical peak with the war between Russia and Ukraine, fell to the lowest levels in 9 months due to the global economic recession and the demand concerns caused by the appreciation of the dollar index against other currencies. Brent oil price per barrel, which started to decline as of September Caught $84.04 on September 27, 2022. with November delivery US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil dropped below $80 for the first time since January 2022.

The downward and upward movement of Brent oil on the table was reflected in the fuel prices as a hike or discount in the past period.


In the last month, both hikes and discounts were seen frequently in fuel, where prices did not remain constant. 83 cents discount on gasoline on August 18if the engine After the 79 cents hike, on 20 August, 1 lira 7 cents hike for diesel oil more came. On August 25, the price applied to diesel oil was 95 cents while we were getting a price hike once again. it happened. 1 lira and 4 cents discount on gasoline on 30 August Done. Starting September with a discount on fuel 1 lira 51 cents for gasoline on September 3, 2 lira 41 cents discount for diesel came. However On September 6, an increase of 56 cents for gasoline and 70 cents for diesel fuel. done. The same day 40 cents discount on LPG came. 1 lira for diesel on September 8 14 penny discount. Finally, on September 20, a discount of 1 lira and 76 cents was applied to diesel prices.


Technically The resistance area of ​​the $84.23 to $84.53 range and the support zone of the $83.29 to $83.12 range After this decline in Brent oil, which was announced to be followed as a . Industry sources claimed that the expected discount would be large.


Gasoline and diesel are sold 25 percent more expensive than they should be. as it emerges According to the claim of industry sources, fuel prices are more than 5 liras. Discount is expected. However, while the rumor of a 5 lira discount was circulating on the agenda, oil prices rose again. Brent oil currently 84 dollarsCrude oil continues to hover below $80.


According to the data we obtained from the website of Turkish Petroleum; The current fuel pump prices on September 27 in 3 big cities are as follows;

Gasoline: 19.23 TL
Diesel: 23.07 TL
LPG: 11.07 TL

Gasoline: 19.34 TL
enginen: 23.15 TL
LPG: 10.94 TL

Gasoline: 19.34 TL
Diesel: 23.16 TL
LPG: 10.74 TL