Brent oil fell 8 percent, gasoline and diesel discounts appeared (Current fuel prices)

The silence in fuel prices, which has lasted since the New Year, is being broken. The barrel of Brent oil, which saw 86 dollars on the last day of the year, remained at 78 dollars on Friday, January 6th. After the decrease of about 8 percent, there was an expectation of a discount in fuel oil. Drivers, who closely follow the fluctuations in oil prices, have begun to wonder whether there will be a discount on fuel.


It is stated that the decline in Brent oil is due to weak demand concerns. recession in the US economy and Kovid-19 cases on the rise again in China The expectation of an increase in demand for the dollar and the dollar caused a downward pressure on Brent oil prices.

subjected to embargoes due to the war in Ukraine Russian oil also contributed to the decline. while recording, global supply contraction It is also cited as one of the factors that feed the worries and cause the prices to fall.

Friday, January 6 $78.58 Brent oil, which closed at the level of 7 January 2023, entered similar levels.


The last change in fuel prices took place before the New Year. Saturday, December 31, 2022 effective from the day 84 cents hike in gasoline prices and there was no change in the diesel price.

The serious decline in Brent oil created a discount expectation both in the sector and in drivers. However, due to the interference of the weekend in the market Although the expected discount decision came, its reflection on the pump remained at the beginning of the week.

CURRENT FUEL PRICES (January 7, 2023)


  • Istanbul Diesel (Diesel) liter price: 22.11 TL
  • Ankara Diesel (Diesel) liter price 22.27 TL
  • Izmir Diesel (Diesel) liter price 22.40 TL


  • Istanbul Gasoline liter price: 19.51 TL
  • Ankara Gasoline liter price: 19.73 TL
  • Izmir Gasoline liter price: 19.69 TL


  • Istanbul LPG (Autogas) liter price: 10.56 TL
  • Ankara LPG (Autogas) liter price 10.88 TL
  • ─░zmir LPG (Autogas) liter price 10.59 TL