Breaking news: Kevin McCarthy has been elected Speaker of the House of Representatives in the USA!

The crisis in the USA was overcome and Republican Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives after the 15th vote.

There were also tense moments in the House of Representatives prior to McCarthy’s election. McCarthy went to confront Matt Gaetz, who said he would “never get elected” and had an argument. Alabama’s Republican Mike Rogers tried to push Gaetz, but was stopped by another Republican, Richard Hudson.

In the end, McCarthy won, and after the 15th vote, he was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives.


Democratic Party US President Biden congratulated Republican Kevin McCarthy after the result.

In a written statement from his office, Biden said he was “ready to work with the Republicans at any time.”


Members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted 15 times to elect a speaker for 4 days, unprecedented in the country’s history in the past 100 years.

Due to the opposition of Conservative Republicans to McCarthy, no quorum was reached in any vote for the presidential election.

Finally, McCarthy met with Republican MPs who objected to his candidacy, saying that he had made progress in the negotiations, but that no consensus had yet been reached. When asked about how he can lead the parliament after such a long vote, McCarthy said, “That’s the good part. We learned how to move forward just because it took so long.” had given the answer.

In McCarthy’s negotiations with conservative Republicans, such as the fact that one deputy’s proposal is sufficient for the vote to be made to remove the speaker of the parliament, the time limit for the deputies to serve consecutively, the border security bill, the method of passing the budgets in the parliament, and the creation of a committee on armament within the parliament. matters are included.


Born in 1965, Kevin McCarthy was first elected to Congress from the Republican Party in 2006. The Californian politician, originally a business person, has served as the Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives since 2018.

McCarthy, a strong supporter of Trump, sided with Trump in his objection to the presidential election results in 2020. Later, the Republican politician, who admitted that the elections were legitimate, also condemned the attack on the Congress building on January 6, 2021.